Who I am

I’m a husband and father of three, currently 29 years old. I was born in Nashville, raised in St. Louis, and have lived in Colorado and California. Currently I reside in North Carolina, which is the closest place to a home I have enjoyed since 2005. I dropped out of college one semester shy of a bachelor’s degree in history to enlist in the Marine Corps in 2009, afraid that history was passing me by. While I’m still on active duty I am currently being medically separated for a back injury that just would not heal. So after eight years I am staring at an unknown landscape.

My Marine Corps career was short, but fortunate. I got to deploy to Afghanistan in 2011/2012 with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. We were positioned far south, in Southern Helmand, right on top of the Helmand River. It was an interesting time. Hindsight has instilled some bitterness in me about the whole ordeal. Shortly after we left the country the area we occupied was turned over to the Afghan army and border police. That is an easy way of saying the Taliban got it back. All the blood we left there was for nothing, at least not yet.

History has always been a love of mine. I devoured books when I was younger, and that hasn’t really stopped. Lately I’ve taken a keen interest in finance and just like history I will read anything I can get my hands on. Right now I’m on a big “behavioral economics” kick, developed while first reading “The Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis and following that thread to Nudge, Misbehaving, Thinking Fast and Slow and a host of academic papers.

I am┬ánot sure why I got so interested in investing and finance but I think it was that I was actually scared I would be old enough to retire but have to keep working. My kids made me wake up to the fact that other people relied on me, and it wouldn’t be fair to rely on them when I’m old and even more broken down. So I started investing my own money. My approach was flawed, and likely still is, but I’m learning. As I’ve learned I’ve started to take a more holistic approach to my overall financial readiness as well as those around me. It has been extremely interesting.

Here is where I’ll write about investing, finance, markets, behavior, world events, sports, and just about whatever else I find interesting. Welcome aboard.